1. Vegan fried chicken with roasted garlic brussel sprouts and macaroni and cheese. #wheresmydinner.net

  2. danertattoo:

    japanese tattoo leg sleeve

  3. "Resist"
    Acrylic, oil

  4. Untitled #4

  6. Irezumi body suits I thought looked cool :-)

  7. Oil painting I finished this week. Its untitled still. Its nothing better than the utter feeling of completion with a painting after all the dialog.

  8. #full sleeve tattoo #color #chrysanthemum

  9. Painting I did today. Plan on doing more landscapes and technical figurative paintings/ drawings :-)

  10. Stupid instagram won’t let me get the view of the painting. So! Here’s 2/3rd of it. A painting I reworked and finished because I hated how it look before lol

  11. My abstract flower painting reworked. I like this better.

  12. An abstract painting I recently finished entitled “Stream of Consciousness”. I will be doing and uploading a series of abstract paintings on the suggestion of one of my studio painting professors

  13. Painting I did today. Dont know whether or not to push it more

  14. Right by the beach booooiiiiii

  15. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!